The Fate of Elderia Hangs in the Balance: Unveil the Mysteries of the Realms, Harnessing the Strategic Talents and Ascend to Greater Heights.


As the central hub of Elderia, the Caravan serves as the gathering point for valiant warriors like yourself.

Your Caravan stands ready, where your mighty fighters await to embark on epic quests. Delve into the Treasury, where gold awaits, providing the means to unlock new possibilities and forge your path to greatness.

Amid the echoes beyond the Caravan, in the depths of Grey Keep's cliffs, whispers of the Blacksmith and Enchanter resonate. These master artisans, are currently honing their skills behind closed doors, preparing to unveil their remarkable craft. Soon, they will emerge, offering you the means to forge formidable weapons and armor, and bestow upon them the ancient enchantments of old.

As the heart of your adventure, the Caravan holds the promise of untold riches and the key to uncharted realms. Explore its corridors, gather your resources, and prepare to face the challenges that lie ahead. The legends of Elderia await your arrival, and within Grey Keep, your destiny takes shape.


Embark on a journey into the enchanted realm of Woodland Forest, where the first chapter of your heroic saga unfolds

Here, amidst towering trees and whispering foliage, you will face a myriad of formidable foes that will test your skills and fortitude. As you delve deeper into the questline, your perseverance will be rewarded with valuable drops of weapons and armor, equipping you for the battles that lie ahead.

The Woodland Forest serves as a gateway to your progression, empowering you to grow stronger and unlock new realms brimming with even mightier adversaries.

As you traverse the verdant paths of Woodland Forest, remember that every victory strengthens you for the ultimate tests that await.


Step into the illustrious Golden Hall, the battleground where legends are born and strategy intertwine. As the pinnacle of PvP combat in Elderia, the Golden Hall offers you the chance to test your mettle against other valiant warriors in live battles, each clash surging with adrenaline and the promise of victory.

Prepare to test your skills, forge unbreakable strategies, and seize the opportunity to earn both riches and renown. The Golden Hall awaits your arrival, beckoning you to prove your worth amidst the clash of steel and the roar of the crowd. Embrace the challenge, warrior, and etch your name into the annals of legends within the glorious Golden Hall.


Beyond the windswept expanses of the Stormcrest Fjord lies the gateway to your first ascension, where the true trials of your journey begin.

This frozen land of treacherous beauty stands as a testament to the unforgiving nature of Elderia and the depths of your valor.

To access the hallowed grounds of Stormcrest Fjord, you must first prove your mettle in the Woodland Forest. Prepare to face adversaries of unparalleled might, each with their own captivating tale and formidable abilities.

Prepare to tread the frozen path, where icy winds and treacherous terrain challenge your every step. Stormcrest Fjord beckons you, daring you to claim its rewards and unlock the true potential of your warrior's soul.

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