Game Modes


Explore your strategic potential; prepare for battle, embark on questlines and test your skills in the arena.



Prepare to face formidable bosses, each possessing unique skills, talents, and stats that will test the limits of your fighter's abilities. With strategic precision and mastery of your chosen build and style, overcome these trials to progress on your ascendant path.

The fate of Elderia hangs in the balance as darkness looms, threatening to plunge the realm into eternal conflict. Your mission is to weaken the bosses that roam the realm. Uncover the hidden truths, save Elderia from the precipice of war, and restore peace to the realm you hold dear.



Unleash the power of the Forged Creation, where warriors seek hidden treasures and gather precious resources to shape formidable gear for their treacherous odyssey. Defeat fierce bosses in questlines and conquer opponents in the arena to obtain weapons, armor, and rare materials.

Utilize these materials to forge mighty equipment, with enchanting scrolls and crafting blueprints that infuse your creations with unique attributes tailored to your talents. Explore the Gateway to limitless possibilities and embark on an epic journey where your choices define your fortune.



Gear up for the ultimate live PvP challenge in the Champion Trials of the Golden Hall.

Unleash your character's true potential as you master your skills to triumph over ascension quests. The Champion Trials await, where you clash with formidable warriors, aiming for triumphant victories, coveted treasures, and the chance to ascend beyond all others.

Prepare for the ultimate test of skill and strategy in the fabled Champion Trials of the Golden Hall. Prove your might as you clash with other skilled warriors, vying for glorious victories, coveted treasures, and a chance to rise above the rest.