At FYX Gaming, we're revolutionizing digital ownership, making it effortless, enjoyable, and within reach for users and developers alike.

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Unleash the power of CryptoFights and embark on an epic adventure, or explore the realms of the FYX Gateway and unlock the limitless potential of digital ownership.


At FYX Gaming, our passion for innovation and our deep love for gaming drive us to create exceptional experiences for players.

We believe that gaming should be more than just entertainment; it should be a gateway to new worlds, a platform for connection and expression, and an avenue for personal growth.

We are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, leveraging cutting-edge technology and embracing the transformative power of web3 to redefine the gaming landscape.

Our ultimate goal is to bring joy, excitement, and a sense of wonder to players around the globe, empowering them to forge their own adventures and leave a lasting impact on the ever-evolving world of gaming.


At FYX Gaming, we're reshaping the industry through our user-driven fusion of digital ownership and gaming.

In many bold moves, we have become pioneers in developing programs across different ecosystems such as traditional gaming, Enjin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and now multi-chain.

This evolution has propelled us towards embracing the unparalleled potential of Bitcoin, leading to the creation of CryptoFights—a groundbreaking game that transcends boundaries and opens up new horizons.

Since our debut in 2020, we've shattered records, surpassing millions of transactions, and solidifying our position as trailblazers in on-chain gameplay.

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