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Master Inventory: Ascension Looms, Are You Prepared?

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🔍 Tap Each Tab to Learn How to Collect CryptoFights Items.


Collect gear, crafting components and currency in CryptoFights multiple game modes!
  • Questline: Collect gear by defeating foes in the Woodland Forest and Frost Ascension Questline.
  • Arena: Challenge Fighters in the Golden Hall Arena and unlock greater rewards with every Fighter Level.
  • Dismantle: Dismantle any gear to collect components & Fragments.
  • Leaderboard: Coming Soon - New opportunities to earn equipment, components and Gold in Daily, Weekly and Special Event Leaderboards.


Gear you collect in FYX Gateway can be moved into your CryptoFights inventory and used in game!
  • Collect: All gear earned in game is automatically available in FYX Gateway.
  • Sell: Sell any gear to other players in the FYX Gateway! Including components and currency.
  • Buy: Buy any gear from other players in the FYX Gateway! Including components and currency.
  • More Markets: Move any gear to multiple Web3 Markets to buy or sell! Then move any gear back into the game using the FYX Gateway!


Collect even more loot by taking part in-game and communty events.
  • Boosted Loot: Collect more gear for every victory during our Fight Night Events that happen each week. Stay tuned in game and online for our next event.
  • Discord: Collect community rewards by participating in events and being an active member of our discord.
  • Live Streams: Get more loot by being an active viewer in our live stream available during Fight Night Events.


Coming Soon - New opportunities to earn equipment, components and Gold in Daily, Weekly and Special Event Leaderboards.


Gold is used for every aspect of progression in game. Fragments allow you to collect Tokens in the FYX Gateway.
  • Gold: is the lifeblood of CryptoFights. It is used to unlock chests, engage in arena battles, and facilitate crafting and enchanting processes.
  • Fragments: are a premium resource that doubles as currency, powering portals that unlock additional rewards and integrating with real-world currencies
  • Token: FYX Gaming is developing a pioneering real-world currency that will enrich the CryptoFights universe and the FYX Gateway.


Equipment come in quality range from Poor to Legendary, every item holds the potential to influence the outcome of battles significantly.
⚔️ Equipment Types
  • Weapons: These crucial items, ranging from devastating swords to strategic staffs, amplify your offensive capabilities, enabling you to strike with precision and power.
  • Armor: Defensive gear, including robust helmets and shields, provides essential protection, fortifying you against incoming attacks.
  • Illusions: Cosmetic enhancements that alter your avatar's appearance, allowing for personal expression on the battlefield without impacting combat efficiency.
  • Components: The raw materials essential for Crafting, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.
  • Recipes: The blueprints for Crafting Equipment and Scrolls necessary for Enchanting Spheres, they are the knowledge base for your arsenal’s advancement.
  • Spheres: Magic Crystal-Like Orbs with abilities, buffs and debuffs. Spheres are imbued into weapons and armor to provide permanent effects.
  • Currency: Multiple types of currencies can be used in game and stored throughout the interface.


Understanding the intricacies of damage types in CryptoFights can give you a strategic edge, allowing you to tailor your approach to exploit the weaknesses of your adversaries effectively.
⚔️ Mundane Damage Types
  • 🗡️ Slashing: The swift cut of swords, ideal for strength-focused fighters who value direct, high-impact damage.
  • 🏹 Piercing: Precision damage from projectiles and stilettos, demanding dexterity to masterfully bypass enemy defenses.
  • 🔨 Bludgeoning: The crushing force of mauls and staffs, offering a unique approach to combat that can surprise and overwhelm foes.
💫 Elemental Damage
  • 🔥 Fire: Spells and skills of fiery wrath often yield damage peaks surpassing other elements, embodying sheer destructive force.
  • ❄️ Cold: Not just chilling but debilitating, cold effects may hinder an opponent's speed, evasion, or recovery, trading raw power for tactical advantage.
  • ⚡ Lightning: The wild card of elements, lightning boasts potential for devastating critical hits, though its average output may be less consistent than fire.
💢 Non-Elemental Damage
  • 🩸 Poison: A slow, insidious killer, poison damage excels over time, challenging the resilience of even the strongest warriors.
  • 💀 Necrotic: A fearsome force that erodes vitality, making recovery an arduous task and shifting the tide of prolonged encounters.
  • 🛡️ Warfare: Emboldening allies or disheartening foes, warfare damage strengthens your side's resolve while weakening the enemy's.
  • 👁️ Mystic: The enigma of the battlefield, mystic damage leverages the unknown, with effects often hinging on the whims of fate.