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Stormir Hillbrewer

Stormir Hillbrewer

Skilled craftsmen who safeguards the caravan and imparts valuable knowledge on character stats, weapons, and armor properties.


Grey Keep


Keeper of Caravan

Stormir Hillbrewer, a dwarf of great craftsmanship, stands as the dedicated keeper of the caravan in our realm. From a young age, Stormir was trained under the guidance of a renowned blacksmith, honing his skills in the art of forging and understanding the intricacies of weapons and armor.

As the guardian of the fighters' camps, Stormir takes it upon himself to ensure that their gear is organized, protected, and in optimal condition for battle. With his wealth of knowledge, Stormir becomes a valuable ally, ready to impart the wisdom of character stats, weapon selection, and armor properties to aspiring fighters. Whether it's deciphering the best strategy for combat or enhancing the efficiency of their equipment, Stormir stands as a trusted advisor and mentor, ready to assist fighters in their quest for victory.

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