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Connect, Communicate, Conquer: Participate in the CryptoFights Chat Survey

Connect, Communicate, Conquer: Participate in the CryptoFights Chat Survey

Connect, Strategize and Share Your Input on our Global Game Chat! Share your preferences in our survey and shape the future of CryptoFights.
July 12, 2023

Connect, Communicate, Conquer: Participate in the CryptoFights Chat Survey

As we gear up for the next phase of Cryptofights, we're thrilled to announce the upcoming development of our in-game chat system. Designed with global connectivity in mind, this feature will empower players to connect, share insights, and build camaraderie with fellow warriors from around the world.

Our recent technological transition has paved the way for this exciting development, as we strive to improve performance, introduce new features, and expand compatibility across platforms. We must acknowledge the recent offline period caused by our technological transition, and we appreciate your understanding. This transition has paved the way for remarkable advancements, bringing us closer to delivering the features you've been eagerly anticipating.

The chat system will kick off with a global chat, where you can engage in discussions about character builds, crafting, and enchanting and make lasting connections. Additionally, the chat system will include a friends list and private chat functionality, allowing for one-on-one conversations with trusted companions. Our chat comes with moderation that ensures a safe environment, empowering players to block, unblock, friend, or unfriend others as desired.

But here's the best part: we want your input! Your preferences matter to us, and we're committed to tailoring the chat system to your needs. Help us shape the future of Cryptofights by participating in a short survey on the In-Game Global Chat, where you can share your desires for the chat system.

As we fine-tune this feature, we appreciate your continued support and understanding. Join us on this exciting journey as we build a vibrant community where players can connect, strategize, and thrive together.

Interested in sharing your insight? Fill out the short In-Game Global Chat Survey.