Fyx Gaming is an inclusive and open-minded place, created for and by people who believe that they can make an impact.


Adam Kling
Co-Founder, CEO
Adam Kling has over 20 years of experience in coding, creating SAAS products, performance marketing, and software.

Since discovering Bitcoin in 2013, Adam realized the limitless potential of blockchain technology and how it could change the world.Adam is a visionary who challenges the normal thinking of the Blockchain world.
David Case
Co-Founder, Chief Architect
Blockchain expert who has a wealth of experience in blockchain processes. Passionate Innovator with drive to find solutions to all problems. David has 23 years of software development experience. Chief architect of FYX Gaming that developed solutions that helped FYX achieve 2+million transactions a day. David pushes the boundaries of what is capable on a public blockchain.  David Case Co-Founded EnvоyB2B In 2010.
Abel Dantas
Lead Game Programmer
Software Engineer specialized in designing, developing, and publishing games and game-related software. 9+ years of experience leading gamedev teams and releasing games. Abel Dantas co-created and designed Cryptofights, leading the game’s development to support the quickly moving machine behind it — FYX Gaming.  Futurist and gaming industry trailblazer.
Mary Bilbray
director of operations
Mary is a passionate innovative, results oriented person with 8+ years experience, in project management and Operations. She has built relationships, and exceeded client and management expectations. Strong skills in teambuilding, communication, and presentation, as well as inter-department and executive client relations and account management. Lives by the beach and loves sailing ⛵


Dennis Fong
Board Advisor
Successful founder & CEO with exits over $900M in gaming, esports, and SaaS.
Dennis is also the world champion gamer known as "Thresh" and has been called the "Michael Jordan of video games" by the Wall Street Journal, "King of the Gamers" by the Washington Post, is an Esports Hall of Fame inductee, and recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's first professional gamer.
Ron Chaimowitz
Board Advisor
Ron Chaimowitz is the co-founder, CEO and chairman of GT Interactive Software, the company that published some of the most popular games on the globe, including Epic Games Unreal Tournament, Doom, Duke Nukem, Deer Hunter and Quake.
He knows what it takes to build a strong brand and bring changes to the gaming industry. His strategic experience is what we need to bring FYX to the masses.
Richard Roberts
Board Advisor
Richard Roberts is the President of Digital Gaming at Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment, was CEO of Slingo Inc, and has led turnaround of company to profitability and successful exit. Created #1 iOS, Android, and Facebook games with over 45m monthly active users.

He is also President and Board Director of Sportech PLC and has successfully launched two iGaming platforms in NJ.


João Borlido
Borlido is a Unity developer in his early 20s. He enjoys watching movies, listening to music and plays a few musical instruments as well, though not much more is known about him as he's a bit shy. He is responsible for releases of the game on different platforms and devices and also takes care of making sure the dev team's changes make it into the game, before a new version is released.
Ruhan Ahmed
Ruhan is a programming ADDICT who specializes in delivering game visuals and features that makes CryptoFights truly stand out! He constantly obsesses over the tiniest details, whether it’s under the hood involving performance and game architecture or graphical visuals involving lighting, post-processing and even particle effects! For everything ranging from code to graphics, he’s your one stop shop GameDev!
Leonardo Silva
Leo had always been curious about who made him laugh when playing video games as a young kid, eventually leading him into the path of game development. He’s a Brazilian game developer with over 5 years of experience and a passion for creating amazing things.
Ashish Chandra
Ashish has a passion for blockchain related technologies since first starting with blockchains back in 2018. Since then, he has worked on multiple blockchain related projects on platforms comprising EOS, Hyperledger Fabric and Bitcoin SV. A software engineer for over 20 years, Ashish loves to solve problems.
Valeria Stoyanova
Val is Fyx Gaming’s Design Specialist and strives to create pleasantly looking visuals across all media - web, in-game, and even print. She has a hand in many things CryptoFights related, ranging from the way our Social Media is branded, to the individual icons for the Game’s UI. She is the one who designed this website!
allie perez
Allie oversees media, marketing and community management for FYX Gaming. She's worked in media since 2015, starting with partnership agencies that helped Bytedance become known as TikTok. She loves turning data into strategy and is eager to take on just about anything. When she's not doing research or creating content, you can find her playing video games or hanging out in our community channels.
JAMES reeves
James has been in Customer Service for 15 years. Currently studying for a bachelors in Information Technology Business Management. He has played and loved games since the young age of 6. Mario being his first game, he has strived to play and make games better than they are. As lead of our QA team and Customer Service, James delivers and brings almost all updates that pass into the game. Finding and squashing bugs, making the game funner to play and helping Crpytofight gamers find solutions to all their issues.
Basith Ibrahim
Basith is a Concept Artist highly experienced in Characters, Creatures, Props Design and Visual Development. Most of his work is done in Photoshop, but sometimes he also likes to use 3D tools such as Zbrush & Blender to block out the Composition and speed up his process.
Ashraful Mobin
Ash is a 3d character modeler and animator, focused on the game industry. Working closely with the programming team of Cryptofights, he has been integrating the 3D characters and animations for the last two years. He started his game animation journey by completing the game animation workshops from and polishing his 3D modeling skills by taking inspiration and following in the path of industry veteran Shane Olson.
Nicole Conrad
Nicole graduated earlier this year from the UNCC with a degree in Digital Media, concentrating in 3D Modeling.
She is currently the Motion Capture Specialist and Animator for all new exclusive CryptoFights skins that are being released!
Shahadat Hossain
Shahadat is a passionate 3D artist who loves to create digital content from the basic idea to the final result. His skills include modeling, texturing, lighting, animation and rendering. He characterizes himself as a generalist, who is interested in various areas of the design and production process.
Video editor, specializing in bringing to life videos through visual effects and editing. Most of Mo's work is done in premier, after effect and photoshop.




Our team is spread across the enitre globe, but we are also a tightly knit family! Fyx Gaming allows everyone to work comfortably from their home, an office, on a boat, up in the mountains, or however and wherever they feel at their best.


our Early Beta testers, long-time supporters and fans of the game! We wouldn’t be able to achieve this without you.


We don’t believe in rigid structure and hierarchy. Instead, we prefer to hire intelligent, self-motivated people who are driven by their desire to challenge the status-quo and solve problems with us. Here's a few of the positions we're currently filling: