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Own and Trade your Items

Visit the Marketplace to sell your duplicate or unwanted items for Cash, start Trades with other players to exchange items and currency or post a Bounty for your Most Wanted Item.

How it works

Your Items & Your Wallet

As soon as you buy or win an Item, it’s automatically added to your Kronoverse wallet. From the Wallet app for Mobile, you will be able to read the Item’s description, see it’s exact stats such as rarity, value and type and what games it’s compatible with, as well as it’s melt value.

The Item History makes everything in your wallet fully transparent - each Item has History details such as it’s original ownership, when it’s been listed for sale and a chronological ordered list of all previous owners. Items from successful fights can be passed on to other fighters for generations and be considered relics!

Coming soon

Buy, Sell or Bounty Hunt

The Marketplace will have a list of Wanted Items and Items for Sale, and once you’re logged into the Kronoverse System, you will also be able to see your own items and balance and make trades using either items or cash.

Tapping on an Item from anywhere in the Marketplace will open up a pop-up giving you more details about that particular item ( such as it’s Trading History and Stats ) so you will know exactly where the item comes from and how much it’s worth before you commit to buying.

You will also be able to start a trade listing with multiple items or seek rare items for a cash reward!