Is the CryptoFights open beta going to be free to plaY ?

The Open Beta version of the game will be completely free to download. There will be entry fees to enter into matches with rewards.

what platforms is the beta available on and what are the requirements to run it ?

The Beta version of the game will be available for Android, with iOS and other platforms coming soon. We recommend a device with at least 4 GB of RAM for maximum performance. You will need at least 350MBs free on your device to download and run the CryptoFights mobile app.

can i play CRYPTOFIGHTS TOGETHER with my friends ?

Yes, if your friends are also participating in the beta you can play a match against them! Just make sure both you and your friend's fighters are at equal levels, and you've both entered the same arena at once to be paired up against each other.

do i need an internet connection to BE ABLE TO play CRYPTOFIGHTS ?

Yes, a stable internet connection is required to play CryptoFights. Since matchmaking and matches work in real time, a poor internet connection on your device might affect gameplay and cause you to timeout. Note that when you timeout or disconnect from the game, your opponent automatically wins the match and your entry fee cannot be refunded.

can i reset the game and start AGAIN FROM THE BEGINNING ?

Yes, you will need to uninstall and clear cache/data for the app.

can i continue my game on a new device ?

Yes, you will be able to continue playing on any device by importing your wallet.

are there any legal requirements for playing the open beta or the full game ?

You will need to be over 18 years of age to play the CryptoFights open beta or the full version of the game.


What is cryptocurrency ?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses cryptography to verify and secure transactions. To learn more about crypto, please visit this link:

what cryptocurrency does cryptofights use ?

CryptoFights uses BitcoinSV for game transactions, which is a fork of Bitcoin that has gone back to the original Bitcoin protocol and philosophy. You can read more about it here:

What kind of fees and costs is the full version of CryptoFights going to have ?

The game will use the in-game currency nBSV ( nano BitcoinSV ) to enter matches. Each match has its own entry fee and cash prizes, and all entry fees as well as your balance will be shown in-game in nBSV. One nano BitcoinSV is roughly equal to 2 USD cents, and 5 nBSV is about 10 cents.

do i need to purchase BitcoinSV in order to play the game ?

BitcoinSV is one of the many payment options used to fund your account. Your deposit will automatically be turned into nBSV in the game, and you do not need to specifically purchase cryptocurrency in order to be able to play the game.

Is CryptoFights using my device to mine any type of cryptocurrency ?

No, your device will not be used to mine any type of cryptocurrency while playing CryptoFights.

Would I be able to withdraw the cryptocurrency I've won while playing ?

You do not win cryptocurrency but actual cash. That cash can be withdrawn through our cashier into your bank account, using one of our multiple options.

Would I be able to sell any in-game items for cryptocurrency or cash ?

Items can be sold in our marketplace and added to your account balance. If you decide to trade items outside the marketplace, then it's up to you on what you will take for the trade.

What is a digital wallet and do I need one in order to be able to play ?

A digital wallet is like a real wallet - it is used to hold your funds. Wallets have an address consisting of a long series of numbers and letters that is used to identify it. Here is an example of what a wallet looks like: moXdEJjtXFag1xPT98K3zGrq5Nc3DwBceB
The open beta of the game will ask you to create a wallet for CryptoFights and guide you through the process, so you do not need to have one in order to start playing the game.


Is CryptoFights a MMO or a single player online game ?

CryptoFights is an online game where your Fighter would be paired up with another opponent’s Fighter in a 1 vs 1 fight that lasts 1 round and ends when either one of the Fighters’ Health Points reaches zero.

Are CryptoFights matches played out in real time ?

Yes, you and your opponent’s Fighters will play against each other in a real time turn-based match, and you would both be able to see each other’s actions play out in real time

Can I customize my fighter ? How many fighters can I have ?

You can select your Fighter’s species and customize their skin tone, hair color, hair style and costume as well as their starting abilities. You can create as many fighters as you want, and try out different ability combinations & strategies

Is it easy to work my way to the top when starting as a new player ?

Yes, your fighter will always be paired up with another fighter of the same level, so when you first start leveling up your fighter, you will be put against other fighters with the same skill set and at the same level.

Safety & Transparency

What anti-cheat methods does CryptoFights use ?

All game decisions are publicly auditable. We can do a post-game audit and if something suspicious is found, that user can be permanently banned and not able to play on the platform.

Can I view a history of all the matches I've played in the game ?

Yes, each match & each move is recorded and can be replayed by visiting the Hall of Memories building in the game. A website where you will be able to view all past game moves & transactions for every match in CryptoFights will also be available soon.

Can I view a history of all the transactions I've made in the game ?

Since the open beta does not revolve around using real money, a log of transactions is not available. In the full version of the game, you will be able to view all your transactions, and a log of them will be available both in-game and in a standalone website that anyone can visit.