Training Grounds

Learn the basics of being a Crypto Fighter against the dummies in the Training Grounds, or come back to test out the new skills you've learned. The dummies won't fight back or feel any pain, so feel free to channel your anger and unleash your wrath for losing a match without worrying about hurting them or your wallet. The Training Grounds are free to play, no matter what level your fighter is. 😌


Tier I - Marketplace

The crowd has gathered around the Marketplace and is expecting a real spectacle! Do you have what it takes to become a real Fighter, or would the crowd boo and throw fruit at you?

Every new Crypto Fighter has to fight in the Marketplace first and prove that they are ready to advance to the next tier! 🍎


Tier II - Wilderness Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle! Legend has it that there's many ancient treasures buried deep inside this Wilderness arena, but only those who are victorious and carry the true spirit of CryptoFights inside their soul will be able to find them.

Arm yourself and prepare for a real adventure with rare rewards in the Wilderness Jungle 🌴


Tier III - Lava Inferno

Get ready because the heat will turn up all the way up to 11 in our tier III arena, the Lava Inferno. This arena is unlike all the other ones - both you and your opponent will take 2 fire dmg each round until only one player remains.

An armor with fire dmg resistance or beating your opponent before you succumb to the heat is the only thing that can save you from being obliterated by the Lava Inferno! 🔥🔥🔥


Tier IV - Ice Ring

Gear up and put on your thickest armor because The Ice Ring is no joke! You will need to have some Cold DMG Resistance in order to survive the climate and defeat your opponent.

Both fighters will receive 4 cold DMG per round, so you better be quick on your feet and defeat your opponent before both of you turn into giant icicles. ❄️❄️❄️❄️


Event Arena - Treasure Cave

This special arena is only available when a Tournament is active, and is available for players of all tiers during the full duration of the tournament.

So if you see it in the Battlegrounds, don't waste your chance - jump right in the Treasure Cave, fight your way to the top and win amazing rewards from our Tournament events! 🏆


Tier V - Fighting Pit

The Fighting Pit is the tier V Battlegrounds Arena, and only Fighters with exceptionally high skills can make it to there! Grab your best gear and prepare to fight for Rare, Epic and Legendary rewards in this high-level Arena!